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Kid in Story Book Maker Lite

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ELA: Writing ^Music, Art and Makerspaces Elementary School iOS App


Expressive Language Listening Comprehension Social Awareness

Mindprint Expert Review


  • Unique technology allows users to easily add faces and eliminate background images.
  • Adult can use the app to teach social skills, pre-reading and creative thinking.
  • Each page includes clear audio, or an adult or child can easily add their own recordings.


  • Books may seem too childish for children old enough to follow the instructions independently.
  • Must upgrade to create an original story or modify an existing template.
  • Children may need more adult support to add photos and audio relative to other storybook makers.

Mindprint Expert Review

Kid in Story Book Maker is a fun app for parents to engage young children in reading and writing their own storybooks with a unique technology that enable personal photos and recordings on every page. The free app has over 20 ready templates including All About Thanksgiving, Cooking with Chef Katie Smoothie Time, and The Snow Day. The upgrade will allow users to create an original story, edit existing stories and find more titles. There is a stepwise tutorial for adults explaining how to upload photos, record audio, drag and drop images, and edit pages. The process can be confusing at first, even for adults, but the technology is quite good at enabling a user to easily use a face and eliminate any background images. Children will love to see familiar faces in their stories, which can be an important step to engage them to read, write, record and create their own stories. Parents should expect to work with younger elementary students to create stories. Despite the simple stories, older elementary students might still enjoy creating stories with their own pictures. Overall, parents may find this app useful to teach skills, encourage creative thinking or simply enjoy making a personal photo storybook with their children.

Academic Benefits

Improves academic skills

  • Provides sufficient and varied types of practice problems to maximize understanding and generalization of the targeted skill/concept
  • Manufacturer claims alignment with Common Core/Known Standards
  • Presents educational concepts accurately
  • Explains answers so students can learn from mistakes
  • Better for teaching the skill to new or struggling learners
  • Better for practicing or refreshing the skill
  • Skills are practiced through authentic, meaningful problems (not just rote practice)


Engaging for the Mindprint recommended age range

  • Appropriate for a broad age range to use and enjoy
  • Subject matter and problems are relevant, interesting and authentic to students
  • Visually appealing to children in the target age range
  • Provides virtual rewards or incentives after meeting specified goals or objectives
  • Provides a "break activity" between academic problem sets
  • Offers ongoing, progressive challenge
  • Overall - Enjoyable. Given the option, students would choose this option

Easy to Use

Understandable for children in the Mindprint recommended age range

  • Has a free or trial version
  • Provides teaching guidance for adults to support the child and set appropriate goals
  • Provides an age-appropriate tutorial/first time users can work independently
  • Student should be able to use independently after first use
  • Has a multi-player option to foster in-person collaboration or cooperation
  • Multiple users can save a profile
  • Student graduates to the next level or topic only after meeting a benchmark
  • Can play without sound and not distract others
  • Students can save work between sessions
  • Can effectively understand and monitor student's progress (email report or in product)
  • Provides options to play in languages other than English/Good for ELL
  • Presents information in multiple formats (voice over, pictures and text, etc.)
  • Overall - Easy to use

Manufacturer Description

Create and share customized picture storybooks with photos of your child or others as the main character! Created by award-winning app designers, Kid in Story Book Maker makes it easy and fun to create visual stories to support learning, social modeling, and early literacy for all children.

“Kid in Story. Finally a GREAT Social Story App!” Shannon Rosa, Squidalicious

“An excellent app if you are looking for more creative freedom in your child’s learning experiences.” KinderTown

5 Stars – “I am impressed and found it difficult to write this review without saying ‘It’s so easy and fun!’ every other sentence. The truth is that it performs as promised, is attractive and no bugs were found while putting it through the motions." Technology in Special Education

“By involving the child in making the social story, the child receives an in-depth social skills session and then the book can be sent to the child's parent or caregiver via email or Dropbox for ongoing reinforcement of the skills. We found the ability to customize the story by placing the child's photo into the scene to be highly motivating and engaging for all users.” BridgingApps

Featured in App Store: Education: Play.Learn.Discovery., Special Education: Life Skills, and Accessibility: Learning & Literacy

Kid in Story Book Maker templates come to life when you place your child or student’s picture on every page. The 20 story templates cover a variety of practical and fanciful topics from promoting good hygiene by washing your hands, to a playful exploration of emotions and facial expressions, to a fantasy visit to San Francisco! Older children can also write their own custom story or modify any of the templates as they see fit.

Here is how you can personalize the stories and share with friends and family:
Add your child’s photo into the story template background. Our unique Locolens™ image detection technology allows you to snap a portrait (or use one already saved in your library), and pluck your “kid” out of the picture and place him or her in the story.
Modify the story by editing the story templates
Record your own voice or the child’s voice as the narrator
Once complete, children will enjoy reading or playing their very own personalized visual story
Share it with others via email, pdf, or Dropbox.

Watch the demo: http://bit.ly/ZshJPB

Create and share one story template and share (in-app purchase to have unlimited access)
Browse through other story templates from the Community Library

20 Story Templates included in the Community Library:
Faces I Make
What Will I See in San Francisco?
When Is It Time to Wash My Hands?
Let’s Get A Haircut (boy)
Let’s Get A Haircut (girl)
The Snow Day
We’re Going to a Hockey Game
The Three Bears and the Boy
We’re Moving House!
Flummox and Friends and Me
All About Thanksgiving
Cooking with Chef Katie Smoothie Time!
Cooking with Chef Katie Breakfast Cereal
All About Hanukkah
Christmas Around the World
Visiting California
Are Monsters Hiding in My Room?
A Day at the Movies
At the Playground
Halloween Winner?

CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: We specifically designed Kid in Story Book Maker to benefit children who use social stories and visual narratives to complement auditory directions, model task analysis and expected social behavior, reinforce routines and to engage struggling readers.

ONLINE SAFETY: Kid in Story adheres to Children’s Online Privacy standards and does not contain any 3rd party advertisements http://enuma.com/policy/.

ABOUT ENUMA (FORMERLY, LOCOMOTIVE LABS): We design accessible games and applications that help all children learn independently. Our name Enuma comes from the word enumerate, or to name one by one, which underscores our commitment to every child’s individual success. For more information, visit us at http://enuma.com.