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Prefixes, Suffixes and Word Roots


ELA: Reading All Ages Strategy


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Prefixes, Suffixes and Word Roots

Particularly good for students whose verbal reasoning skills are stronger than memory

Instruction And Practice

  1. Objective: Students will build automaticity with common prefixes and suffixes to help improve reading efficiency, as well as expand their vocabulary.
  2. Explain how prefixes and suffixes attach to root or base words to form different words. Give examples using the most common ones. Use this printable list of common word parts.
  3. Build visual webs with a prefix or suffix in the middle and connect various words that include the prefix or suffix. Students can do this in a vocabulary notebook, or graphic organizer, or you can create a word wall with the class.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Prefixes, suffixes, and roots are essential building blocks of all words. If students know these word parts, they can more easily figure out unfamiliar words which in turn builds their vocabulary, increases comprehension and supports more efficient reading.