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Tinted Reading Strips to Help Reading Efficiency


ELA: Reading Study Skills & Tools All Ages Strategy


Visual Discrimination Processing Speed Spatial Perception

Tinted Reading Strips to Help Reading Efficiency

If your student struggles to focus on a single line of text while reading, typically because of weaker attention or visual processing skills

Teach It!

  1. Objective: Reading strips (transparent colored strips) will help students track or focus on a single line of text at a time while reading.
  2. Direct Instruction: a) Reading strips can help a student focus or reduce headaches if their eyes sometimes jump around or they get easily distracted. They look like bookmarks, so they can be used at school without being obvious. b) Guide the student to place the reading strip over the line of text, and the strip will highlight the text while covering up the lines above and below. Students can try different colors to choose the color that provides the contrast they find most comfortable. d) Some versions include visual prompts such as an arrow pointing from left to right to help the student maintain direction while reading.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Reading strips serve the dual purpose of keeping students focused on a single line of text and reducing the visual contrast of black letters on white paper which gives some students headaches. They are worth trying, realizing that some students do not find them helpful and it can slow down their reading.

Best-suited for students with weaker: Attention, Inhibition, Self-Regulation, Long-Term Memory, Short-Term Memory, Visual Processing, Working Memory (Source: Digital Promise Learner Variability Project)