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STUDENTS Use Your Strong Spatial Perception in Group Work


^21st Century Skills Middle/High School Strategy


Social Awareness Spatial Perception

STUDENTS Use Your Strong Spatial Perception in Group Work

If your student's strongest skill is spatial perception and you want them to utilize their design skills for a group assignment

Using Strong Spatial Perception In Group Work

  1. Group projects often require a visual presentation so your strong spatial skills can be very important.
  2. Suggest that the group break-up the project into specific chunks. Choose a chunk that enables you to build the model, create the visuals, or do the hands-on work or other area where you do well.
  3. You might find you are better at your peers in writing clear notes, especially if you are using a white board. Volunteer for that role.
  4. If the group is having trouble understanding each other, suggest drawing a picture and take on that role.

What To Keep In Mind

Realize that you have strengths in a skill that will be extremely valuable to the group. Since others might not be aware of your strength, you might need to make suggestions and volunteer so that you can use your strengths. Conversely, be sensitive that not everyone is comfortable with visual-spatial tasks. Try to offer support rather than be surprised when they have difficulty.