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Ask "Please Repeat" Once a Day


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Ask "Please Repeat" Once a Day

If your child has a learning difference or ADHD and is reluctant to ask for help

How To Apply It!

  1. Get comfortable asking people to repeat so you (and your classmates) don't miss important information.
  2. Missing information can affect your learning. It might also affect friendships if your friends think you aren't listening to them. Most of the time, people will be happy to repeat if you ask, so don't be embarrassed. Just ask!
  3. Often classmates are grateful when someone asks the teacher to repeat. Everyone benefits from hearing information again. If you missed it, chances are at least one other student missed the information as well.
  4. Set yourself a goal of asking someone to repeat what they said at least once a day. This will help you get comfortable speaking up.
  5. You can use one of these common phrases: Can you repeat that? I missed that, can you say it again? Pardon me, but I didn't hear what you said, would you mind repeating that?

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

It is understandable that children might be embarrassed at times to ask someone to repeat what they said. However, as a student asks to hear something again without any negative feedback, that student will become more and more comfortable asking for help as needed. And we know that the children with learning and attention weaknesses who are most successful in school are those who are willing to self-advocate and ask for help and support when they need it.