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Precede Group Work with Individual Time


^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


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Precede Group Work with Individual Time

If your student needs more time to think through ideas or is behind in the subject

Teach It!

  1. Objective: Students will have time to prepare and get a grasp on the assignment before moving into groups to lessen the possibility that the stronger or quicker thinkers dominate the group's thinking.
  2. Teacher Takeaways: a) When introducing a group assignment, designate time for students to review, think through, and form ideas individually before they break into their groups. b) You might give students a checklist to review, so everyone is clear on how to use that individual time wisely. The checklist also can be used as the group agenda. c) Since each member has had time to carefully consider the problem in advance, even the slower thinkers or more reluctant students will feel more prepared and confident to respond.
  3. Considerations: You might provide extra coaching for students with quick speed or strong reasoning who might otherwise dominate group discussions.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Even the most capable students in a group can benefit from hearing others' ideas and developing their active listening skills. However, if all students have not had the time they need to carefully consider the work, it is natural for the group to seize upon the first good solution that is suggested. By giving slower or more deliberate thinkers the time they need to carefully consider the project before having to discuss it, the more likely they are to be confident, active contributors to the group discussion.