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STUDENTS Use Your Fast Processing Speed in Group Work


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Social Awareness Processing Speed

STUDENTS Use Your Fast Processing Speed in Group Work

If your student works very quickly and might race ahead of others or miss key steps

Using Quick Processing Speed In Group Work

  1. Use your strength to help your group run efficiently while gaining greater awareness of when you might be working too quickly.
  2. Try not to use your quick speed to move the group at your thinking pace. Instead, while others are catching up to you, take the time to plan ahead for the next step.
  3. In discussions, be conscious of giving all group members sufficient time to speak and ask questions. Recognize that everyone's contributions will help ensure that you have all the best ideas and the group has carefully thought through their approach.
  4. Know yourself. If your too quick speed means that you might sometimes miss key information, let your group mates help you slow down. Use this as an opportunity to learn how you can adjust your pace and know when you are working at a good pace and when you might be working too quickly.
  5. If you finish your part of the project first, go back and check the quality of your work. Did you miss anything or could you do it better? If not, offer to help others. They might appreciate the extra set of hands.

What To Keep In Mind

Your quick speed can enable you to finish individual work more quickly, but group work requires everyone to be generally working at the same rate. Use the extra time to step back and find ways to support the group, rather than making others uncomfortable by trying to move them along at your pace.