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Support Speed in Group Work Checklist


^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


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Support Speed in Group Work Checklist

Adapting With Slower Speed In Group Work

  1. Take steps to support the group's pacing as a whole and allow everyone to participate more equally and comfortably, regardless of speed.
  2. Suggest a group schedule that accommodates your needs. For example, you discuss what you will do during the group session and then everyone goes home, does the work, and brings it to the next meeting. This approach will provide you as much time as you need.
  3. Suggest time for independent working/thinking before discussing as a group. For example, everyone does the problem independently for 5 minutes before the group discusses. This will provide you opportunity to pull your thoughts together and provide meaningful contributions. Consider using a timer so that other group members don't rush you.
  4. If work or reading is being split up between team members, take on a realistic amount. You do not need to take on the longest passage or largest task. Pick a smaller piece that you know you can do well in the time frame.
  5. Don't be afraid to speak up. If you feel things are going too quickly or you are having difficulty following, politely ask to step back and discuss a point that you missed. You might find that others in the group are feeling the same way.
  6. Consider a little advance preparation. Since others are less likely to prepare, this gives you an advantage and can enable you to contribute at the same pace or have notably good ideas to share.
  7. Focus on the quality of your participation, not the quantity. Don't worry about who says the most. Focus on making a positive contribution and don't worry about keeping score of who does what.
  8. Have a conversation with your teacher about group arrangements. Sometimes being placed in a smaller group or with specific peers is possible.

What To Keep In Mind

Just because others work faster does not mean that they are accurate or understand as much. Your more deliberate approach can often lead to more meaningful and better results. Also, you might feel that others notice that you are taking more time, but in most cases they are really just focused on their own work or the overall outcome. Focus your energy on making a positive contribution and peers will be happy to have you in the group.