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Support Memory in Group Work: Checklist (Aa)


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Support Memory in Group Work: Checklist (Aa)

If your student struggles to remember core information and it might affect their self-confidence and participation in a group project

Adapting With Weaker Memory In Group Work

  1. Use note taking and organization strategies that will help you remember what was said and also will be helpful for the group dynamic.
  2. Be sure the group takes notes. You or someone else can be the group note taker. Everyone has the value of notes and there is less of a chance for miscommunication about group decisions or assignments.
  3. At the beginning of each meeting, have a team member summarize notes from the last session and specify the agenda. This keeps everyone on task.
  4. Group projects usually require a lot of different responsibilities. Take on the part of the project that requires less memorization and more of what you find easier or more enjoyable. For example, if you are doing a play you might not want to take the part that requires memorizing a lot of lines.
  5. At the end of the session suggest that the group note taker review what was covered. The review will help you remember later, and it will minimize group mis-communications or disagreements.
  6. Write down your personal to-do items in your own calendar or planner. Keeping these with all of your other to-do items, and not just the group notes, will make sure you don't forget.

What To Keep In Mind

Group projects often require less rote memorization and more active, hands-on participation which you might prefer. Enjoy the opportunity.