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PLYT Family Board Game - Numbers Game That's Competitive, Challenging, Endorsed and Proven to Improve Maths

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K-8 Game


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Mindprint Expert Review


  • Game can grow with a child developmentally, from learning basic addition to challenging multi-step mental math problems.
  • Games can be relatively quickly while still providing plenty of effective practice.
  • Simple and yet fun despite being a purely educational game.


  • Requires an adult to guide children on playing at the appropriate developmental level.
  • Scanning the 12-sided dice can be difficult, especially for younger children or those with visual weaknesses.
  • Adults need to be aware of anxious children who might feel stressed playing with the timer or competitively against other children.

Mindprint Expert Review

Plyt is an effective board game to help students develop critical skills in mental math calculations and math fact fluency. The game comes with instructions to play at different skill levels ranging from basic addition to working on a multiple of a single digit to complex multi-math calculations including all six 12-sided dice. An adult should guide students if the goal is to intentionally develop specific skills without the game feeling too challenging. Adult guidance should include the number of dice to use, whether or not to use the timer, and which operations (addition, multiplication or both). In all game variations, the goal is to be the first to get around the entire 112 square game board by rolling two or more dice, solving a math problem, and if correct, moving the number on the master die. While students will need to use their math skills to answer correctly, the element of luck with the roll of the dice and the possibility of being helped (or hurt) by by landing on a Chance card provides a fun aspect to the game and relieves it of the feel of simply mental math. Since the dice go up to the number 12, games can be quick and enjoyable while still providing good math practice. However, less confident math students could feel discouraged if they are playing with much stronger students who might not be sensitive to their needs. Overall, a great way to develop strong mental math skills in a relatively fun way.

Academic Benefits

Improves academic skills

  • Provides sufficient and varied types of practice problems to maximize understanding and generalization of the targeted skill/concept
  • Manufacturer claims alignment with Common Core/Known Standards
  • Presents educational concepts accurately
  • Explains answers so students can learn from mistakes
  • Better for teaching the skill to new or struggling learners
  • Better for practicing or refreshing the skill
  • Skills are practiced through authentic, meaningful problems (not just rote practice)


Engaging for the Mindprint recommended age range

  • Appropriate for a broad age range to use and enjoy
  • Visually appealing to children in the target age range
  • Adults would enjoy playing with a child
  • For electronic games, gives positive or encouraging feedback
  • Offers ongoing, progressive challenge
  • Overall - Enjoyable. Given the option, students would choose this option

Easy to Use

Understandable for children in the Mindprint recommended age range

  • Provides teaching guidance for adults to support the child and set appropriate goals
  • Student should be able to use independently after first use
  • Student graduates to the next level or topic only after meeting a benchmark
  • Can effectively understand and monitor student's progress (email report or in product)
  • Does not require excessive set-up time after first time use
  • Can be fun as a single player game
  • Multi-player game which fosters collaboration or cooperation
  • Well-made for the cost
  • For electronic games, can play without sound
  • For electronic games, allows user to save work
  • For electronic games, voice/sounds are appealing and pronounces words properly
  • Provides options to play in languages other than English/Good for ELL
  • Presents information in multiple formats (voice over, pictures and text, etc.)
  • Overall - Easy to use

Cognitive Concerns

May not be advisable for students with the following cognitive needs

  • Visual Discrimination
    • Words used during activity can be too small or difficult to read

Manufacturer Description

PLYT is the numbers game the whole family can enjoy. Whether you're counting, adding, learning times tables or multiplying up to 6 dice (a real challenge even for the very best!) - all ages and abilities can enjoy PLYT together for years to come.

And even better, the more you play the better you get. Proven by independent research and endorsed by leading math consultants and National Numeracy in the UK as one of the most effective and enjoyable games available.

Answering correctly is one thing but can you challenge yourself to take a risk? Who will you help and who will you push back? The result is never certain until the very last throw and as players become immersed in the competitive battle and forget they're learning.

You can find more details on game options and top tips and links to independent reviews on the PLYT website

Dr Toy Best Picks 2015 Winner 2015
Parents' Choice Approved
Educational Resource Award Finalist Toy
Mindprints Learning 5 stars
Talk 2013 Best Game
Endorsed by National Numeracy and leading maths consultants

No matter how old you are, playing PLYT can seriously improve your math - but research shows the more competitive and challenging the game (yes - that includes adults), the bigger and faster the improvements

Check out the website blog to read independent research - taken over an avg of 6 weeks, playing at least once per week 7-13yr olds improved math by 30%, adults by 22%

1 x PLYT gameboard, 1 x 30 second timer, 6 x playing pieces, 6 x dice (including 1 x master dice), 1 PLYT dice tray, 32 Chance cards, 1 x game rules