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Give Feedback Based on Personality & Mastery Level


^21st Century Skills Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy

Give Feedback Based on Personality & Mastery Level

If your student doesn't always respond well or use feedback

How To Apply It!

  1. Provide feedback that takes into account the student's personal skills and their mastery level in the subject.
  2. Students who have attained a level of mastery and are confident in their abilities are more likely to prefer constructive feedback. These students appreciate the need for constructive feedback to grow and improve.
  3. Students who lack confidence or are just learning a new skill often need mostly positive feedback. They could be discouraged by any negative feedback. Offer encouragement signalling that the work they are doing is worthwhile and that they are on a path to mastery. Focus any constructive feedback on the most important items only.
  4. Don't underestimate the importance of trust. Students who are aiming for mastery, need to believe in your qualifications to provide feedback. Novice learners and sensitive students need to believe that you care.
  5. Tailor specific feedback to each individual student's level of mastery and disposition to receiving feedback.
  6. Recognize your most sensitive students. Give constructive feedback, but provide it incrementally. Perhaps let them fix one thing, then come back for the second item rather than providing a few things to fix at once.
  7. Even the most confident students need positive encouragement. Don't assume they know they are doing good work. Continue to praise their hard work and effort that leads to success.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Constructive feedback is essential to get better to improve, and balancing constructive negative feedback with self-esteem is essential. Feedback that feels like criticism can put a student on the defense, often leading them to shut down. Your starting point should be specific to the student's mastery level and personal disposition.