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Pick a Narrow Writing Topic


ELA: Writing ^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


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Pick a Narrow Writing Topic

If your student has difficulty deciding what to include and exclude in writing assignments

How To Apply It!

  1. When choosing and building out a topic, choose a distinct moment or experience to ensure that your writing has focus and is not too broad or general to hold your audience's interest.
  2. Think about specific, observable moments, times, places or people when you are choosing your topic. For example, instead of writing about school, pick one memorable day you had. Instead of writing about playing baseball, choose one goal you had for the season or one specific game to write about.
  3. If you know the general topic you want to write about, brainstorm a list of observable, specific details that you could focus in on and then choose one.
  4. Questions you can ask yourself include: What specific experience or moment stands out when I think about this topic? What person or place was essential to making the moment unique? What is the most memorable part of that experience? How did this experience make me feel?

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

When personal writing is specific and has focus, it is much more interesting for the reader. The reader is able to experience what you are describing, instead of just reading about a broad or general topic that will not put the reader in your shoes.