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Revising Your Own Writing


ELA: Writing All Ages Strategy


Flexible Thinking

Revising Your Own Writing

If your student struggles with word choice and what to eliminate when revising his writing

How To Apply It!

  1. Use this strategy when you are not certain how you want to fix your writing and are concerned about making changes.
  2. Identify the section that you thinks needs reworking.
  3. Take out scrap paper or a big sticky note.
  4. Brainstorm as many alternative ideas for the section as you can. Don't hold back. This is brainstorming!
  5. Plug in your different options. Read them aloud if it helps you.
  6. Select which idea works best. If you aren't sure, consider taking a break and do this later with fresh eyes.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Sometimes the task of reworking can feel daunting, especially if you have a written draft. This should not be a reason to stay with what you have if you think it could be better. Using separate piece paper enables you to experiment in a way that will feel more comfortable.