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Get Writing Feedback


ELA: Writing All Ages Strategy


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Get Writing Feedback

If your student has difficulty evaluating their own written work

How To Apply It!

  1. Getting feedback from a parent or other adult about whether you really got your point across can help you be sure that your writing communicates your intent.
  2. Read your piece of writing out loud to a parent, another adult or older sibling.
  3. Have that person retell or give a description of what s/he heard in your piece.
  4. You can ask them, "Retell the story, " or "What was the story about?" or "What is my main point?"
  5. As you hear your piece being told back to you, think about how well that matches what you wanted to communicate. Is there anything missing or off? Did your parent really get the point?
  6. Go back and revise anything that didn't match your intended meaning or fill in where you think it would help.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

One of the best ways to go about revising and improving your work is to get an outside perspective. Sometimes we are too close to our own writing that we might think we have gotten our point across but have not done that effectively. Hearing someone else retell or give her perspective on your writing is a straightforward way to know how your audience will understand your work.