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Proofread Written Work: Checklist (ab)


ELA: Writing Study Skills & Tools Elementary School Strategy


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Proofread Written Work: Checklist (ab)

Editing Checklist

  1. My name, date and class are on the paper
  2. Handwriting: erase stray marks; punctuation is clear; all letters are legible (i's dotted, t's crossed, letters closed properly)
  3. Spacing: paragraphs indented; enough white space between each word
  4. Capitalization: first letter of every sentence; proper nouns; generally the first word in a quotation even if the middle of a sentence
  5. Punctuation: at the end of every sentence; appropriate use of commas and quotation marks. (A punctuation infographic to print.)
  6. Spelling: words spelled correctly, especially subject-specific vocabulary; think context (i.e. don't mix up hear and here); check proper nouns/names; use spell check or the dictionary if you aren't sure though always rely on your own judgment for the final determination.