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STUDENTS Use Your Strong Verbal Reasoning in Projects


^Music, Art and Makerspaces Middle/High School Strategy


Social Awareness Verbal Reasoning

STUDENTS Use Your Strong Verbal Reasoning in Projects

If your student has strong verbal reasoning and you want to build their self-awareness and nurture their strength

Types Of Project Presentations You Might Enjoy

  1. Draw comparisons and contrast to other subject matter you know, even if you didn't learn that information in the class or in school. Comparing and contrasting is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate understanding and nuance, and make information meaningful for others.
  2. Experiment with different writing genres to convey your knowledge and understanding in a creative way. You can write a play or a movie,
  3. publish a blog, write letters, write a novella, write a poem or series of poems, or create a comic strip.
  4. Conduct interviews to include a first person perspective.
  5. Research the topic and include that knowledge, even if research is not required.
  6. Stage a debate, give a speech, or video yourself in a TED-style Talk to demonstrate your knowledge. Leave time for questions to demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.


Project-based learning is designed for students to discover and learn about a topic or genre they enjoy and then present their mastery to the class and others beyond the classroom. Start by identifying a topic that truly interests you. When planning your inquiry and choosing how to present, consider ways to demonstrate your mastery that also challenge your strong verbal reasoning skills, including using creative writing styles or demonstrating your knowledge of nuance and details. You can learn more about project-based learning here.