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Student Survey of Study Skills and Self-Efficacy (MSLQ)


Social-Emotional Learning Middle/High School Strategy



Student Survey of Study Skills and Self-Efficacy (MSLQ)

If your students will be strengthening their self-regulation skills and you want to use a formal assessment tool

How To Apply It!

  1. The MSLQ (Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire) is an evidence-based, self-reported student questionnaire that assesses students' study habits and motivations for learning and working. It is free for educational purposes.
  2. The MSLQ is a good and effective way for students to develop metacognition by self-assessing their study habits, test-taking skills and self-efficacy. The MSLQ uses a 7-point Likert Scale for each question.
  3. The MSLQ was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, Pintrich, Smith, Garcia & McKeachie. It has 81 questions intended for college students.
  4. A shortened, alternative 44 question version was developed for secondary school students and can be found here.
  5. Mindprint created a google form version of 28 questions which schools can use for non-commercial purposes with their students. It can be used for overall student capabilities or for helping students self-assess in a particular class. This free google form can be found here.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

There is a broad body of research on the importance of self-efficacy skills for effective learning. The MSLQ is an efficient, evidence-based tool that teachers in secondary school and university can use with their students.