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Contribution Checklist for Group Work


^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


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Contribution Checklist for Group Work

For all students during group work

Teach It!

  1. Objective: Use contribution checklists to help students become self-aware during group work so every student contributes effectively.
  2. Teacher Takeaways: Teachers can use the following checklist (next slide) or use their own modified, assignment-specific version. Make sure every student has a copy of the checklist and encourage them to refer to it before they get started. Have students hand in the completed checklist at the end of the group session.

*students* Group Contribution Checklist

  1. I had sufficient opportunity to participate.
  2. I made sure all group members had opportunity to participate.
  3. I listened carefully to others' thoughts and ideas.
  4. I felt that my thoughts and ideas were valued and respected.
  5. I helped ensure that others felt their ideas were value and respected.
  6. I understood the assignment and helped make sure the group met the assignment goals.
  7. I had a clear job and role in completing the assignment.
  8. I took on a fair share of the work (neither too much or too little).
  9. I helped ensure that every student had a fair share of the work.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Students develop strong collaboration skills over time. It might be as important to help some students contribute more and other students listen more. While verbal reminders can help, a checklist that they must complete at the end of a group assignment can ensure that all students focus on their collaboration skills (listening, communicating, organizing) and not only on the group deliverable.

Best-suited for students with weaker: Attention, Cognitive Flexibility, Self-Regulation, Long-term Memory, Metacognition, Short-Term Memory, Working Memory (Source: Digital Promise Learner Variability Project)