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Know the Instructions on Standardized Tests


Standardized Test Prep MS/HS/College Strategy

Know the Instructions on Standardized Tests

All students who are preparing for the ACT, SAT or other high stakes exam

Know The Instructions

  1. Building automaticity with each section's instructions will save you time and free up mental energy for doing your best on the questions.
  2. Be sure you are very familiar with the instructions for each sub-test BEFORE exam day. The instructions will not change, so there is no reason to re-read them. Know the order of the sections, the types of questions in each section, and where to find the start/stop icons.
  3. Groups of questions will have specific instructions that might change. READ THOSE CAREFULLY. In your test booklet, circle the key word in the instructions so you don't forget. When you need to look back, you want to just reference the key words you circled to save time.
  4. Know the key words. For example, some questions ask for the best answer and some sections ask for the correct answer. When they ask for the best answer, there is likely more than one potentially correct answer so you will need to look at all the possible answers to choose the best one. When they ask for the correct answer, if you are certain an answer is right you do not need to spend time going through the other choices.