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Review Answers After Every Practice Test


Standardized Test Prep MS/HS/College Strategy


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Review Answers After Every Practice Test

All students who are preparing for the ACT, SAT or other High Stakes Test

Review And Learn From Mistakes

  1. Always look back and reviewing incorrect answers as you go through practice tests so you know what you need to learn and notice any patterns in question types or sections that might require a different approach. If you were uncertain and guessed correctly, review those too.
  2. Rather than get discouraged by mistakes, view them as an opportunity to improve. Practice tests allow you to track your performance but also identify what you need to learn. Think of each test as a diagnostic and consider your mistakes as a learning opportunity.
  3. Always reserve time to review your answers thoroughly after you finish a practice test. It is best to stay in the flow and finish all the problems first, then check your answers at the end.
  4. Check your answers without looking at the solution. For those that you got incorrect, re-do the problems and try to figure out the correct answer on your own. Self-correcting your work will help you learn to look at problems from multiple perspectives.
  5. After you check and correct your work, label your incorrect answers:
  6. a) CARELESS: Was it a careless mistake, meaning you know how to do the problem but you were rushing, you filled in the wrong bubble, or you computed incorrectly but were able to do it right the second time? If there is a pattern of careless errors, focus on strategies that will help you with test taking mechanics and pacing. If your error was not part of a pattern of errors, do not worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes. If there was a strategy you used to check that seemed to work, add it to your test taking strategies so you remember it.
  7. b) FORGOT: Did you get the answer wrong because you did not know how to do the problem or you forgot a word or formula? Did you fully understand the solution and think you could solve it the next time if you remembered? Make a new flashcard and plan to practice and review.
  8. c) NEED TO LEARN: Did you get the wrong answer and you really do not understand the solution? Flag this problem and plan to review it later or ask for help. This will take the most effort but you will learn the most. Add this problem type to learn in your testing plan.
  9. d) GUESSED: Did you get an answer correct, but really only because you guessed? It is best to be certain you will get it right the next time, so treat these problems as if they were the wrong answer and add it to your flashcards or testing plan as needed.