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Word Problems Checklist (E)


Mathematics Study Skills & Tools All Ages Strategy


Flexible Thinking Working Memory Abstract Reasoning

Word Problems Checklist (E)

Before I Begin:

  1. Read assignment instructions. Do I understand what I need to do? Which problems am I going to solve?
  2. Get scrap/graph paper, ruler, colored pencils, eraser, formula sheets, calculator and text book
  3. Review the example problems from my notes or textbook

While I Solve:

  1. Mark up the question: Underline what I need to find, circle numbers I will use, cross out what I don't need
  2. Estimate an answer before solving. After I solve I will use to confirm my final answer is reasonable
  3. Write out all my steps and calculations. Draw a picture to visualize if helpful

After I Solve:

  1. Re-read the problem. Did I find what it asked? Is my answer close to my estimate?
  2. Check my answer using a different method
  3. Write down questions about specific problems to ask my teacher