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Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy

Take the Mindprint Assessment

All students, particularly those who are struggling academically or social-emotionally

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  1. Objective: Mindprint is an effective tool for educators and parents to quickly and effectively understand individual student learning needs. Mindprint is valid for students ages 8-21.
  2. Takeaways:While no test can tell everything you need to know about a student, Mindprint's evidence-based assessment can help you pinpoint the sources of learning challenges and identify areas of strengths to help each student learn more effectively. If you would like to see what is available in the Mindprint platform, please browse our Demo Account
  3. Schools: Get Started here to use Mindprint for whole class instruction, MTSS or learning support
  4. Tutors: Get Started here to use Mindprint for academic tutoring or test prep
  5. Parents Get Started here to use Mindprint to confidentially identify potential giftedness, learning needs or ADHD

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Mindprint is an evidence-based cognitive screener developed at the University of Pennsylvania's Brain Behavior Lab and the National Institute of Mental Health. It is appropriate for most students ages 8 to 21. You can read more about the assessment in our FAQs. Or read more about the efficacy in the peer-reviewed journal articles in our press section.