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RULER Approach for Social-Emotional Skill Development


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy



RULER Approach for Social-Emotional Skill Development

If your school community would benefit from a systematic approach to self-regulation skill development

Teach It!

  1. Objective:Teachers will model RULER skills to develop emotional intelligence, taking a more systematic, long-term approach to strengthening community and social-emotional skill development.
  2. Instruction and Practice: RULER is not a series of lessons that are taught to students. Rather, teachers learn to model the skills in the way they interact with the student before, during and after the challenging situation, so that students are continuously seeing and learning the skills they will need to be successful.
  3. Tools: a)Use the evidence-based tools available with all community stakeholders, including parents, students, teachers and administrators to create a positive reinforcing environment. RULER acronym: Recognizing emotions in oneself and others; Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions; Labeling emotions with a nuanced vocabulary, Expressing emotions within the norms and context of the community, Regulating emotions with evidence-based strategies

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

RULER was developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to strengthen social-emotional learning in schools. It is an evidence-based systematic approach to strengthening school climate and improving resilience, particularly in at-risk student populations. It relies on a variety of frameworks, including the CASEL 5.