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Get Grounded


Standardized Test Prep High School & Up Strategy


Verbal Reasoning Abstract Reasoning Spatial Perception

Get Grounded

Best for: Students who often feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the science passages. Often students with weaker Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, or Spatial Perception (left quadrants)

What It Is

Students should read the first paragraph of the passage and then review the graph or chart to get a sense of the purpose of the experiment. If a student confidently knows the purpose, they are less likely to be intimidated by unfamiliar vocabulary or extraneous information.

Signs A Student Needs The Strategy

  1. Scores much worse on Science than on Reading
  2. Often reflects that they just did not understand the passage

How To Teach It

  1. Have the student read the first paragraph and summarize: What is the main purpose of the investigation? What is the question they are trying to answer? If they have no idea, teach them how to parse it out. When working alone, you will want them to immediately move to the next passage.
  2. Next review the graph or chart. Explain how it will answer the question above.
  3. Have them show where on the graph and chart they will find the key information.
  4. If they have trouble teach how to Mark Up Graphs and Charts. When working alone, if the student cannot understand the graph or chart, teach them to move to the next passage.

Student Checklist: Science

  1. Read the first paragraph.
  2. Restate in your own words what is the purpose of the experiment.
  3. If you cannot, move to the next passage.
  4. Look at the graph or chart and make sure it is clear what data you need and where to find it. Mark Up if necessary.
  5. If it is not clear, move to the next passage.
  6. If clear, finish the passage.
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