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Restate the Definition


ELA: Reading All Ages Strategy


Verbal Reasoning Verbal Memory Abstract Reasoning

Restate the Definition

Instruction And Practice

  1. Objective: Students will restate or rephrase a word definition in their own words to fully grasp the meaning.
  2. To boost vocabulary acquisition and retention, have students rephrase or explain the vocabulary term in their own words. Practicing in multiple formats such as writing an explanation in a notebook, deliberately using it in a sentence and in conversation will help solidify understanding and retention.

Why It Works? (the Science Of Learning!)

Vocabulary is highly correlated with reading comprehension skills. Many students are likely to skip over unfamiliar words and might never learn them without a structured approach to defining, understanding and practicing new words. By having students learn and describe novel terms in their own words, they are more fully understanding the word, as opposed to memorizing a rote definition.

Best-suited for students with weaker: Long-term Memory, Working Memory (Source: Digital Promise Learner Variability Project)