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Provide Structure (Remote Learning)


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Provide Structure (Remote Learning)

For all students in remote learning, particularly those with weaker executive functions

What To Know

  1. Objective: Establish a successful home-based learning environment and daily routine that works within your family structure.
  2. Students with weaker Executive Functions might have difficulty keeping to a daily routine and finishing assignments without supervision or support.
  3. Having a daily routine can establish mutual expectations, minimize conflict, and reduce uncertainty making everyone more relaxed.
  4. Consider how you can help your child adjust to the different distractions and challenges they have at home but not in school (e.g. siblings making noise, availability of electronics, less adult supervision, freedom, etc.)
  5. While structure and routine will be very important, you still need to be flexible. Help your child adjust as needs and circumstances change.

How To Support

  1. Create and post a daily schedule for everyone in the family. Put it in a place where everyone has easy access.
  2. Schedule time for breaks, downtime, and family time. Include a mix of physical activity and quiet time (independent reading, doodling, listening to music, etc.)
  3. Remind your student that if they get "stuck" or encounter a challenging task or problem, it is OK to get up, change course and come back to it later with fresh eyes. Or ask for help. Teachers and parents are there for them.
  4. Give a 5 or 10 minute "warning" before a transition. Some students struggle to move between tasks or leave tasks unfinished. The notice will give them time to finish up and not feel rushed. For older students, set an alarm on their phone.
  5. Build in positive reinforcements throughout the day (family time, novel treats). Keep in mind students get those at school and they need them at home too!