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Spaced Practice (Remote Learning)


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Spaced Practice (Remote Learning)

For all remote students, especially those who have weaker long-term memory

Teach It!

  1. Objective: Review instructional material over time to ensure comprehension and retention.
  2. Teacher Takeaways: a) Break up assignments on a specific topic over multiple sessions/days to ensure that students solidify understanding and retention. b) Use low stakes, daily quizzing to ensure students are reviewing content after the lesson and retaining it. c) Use the results of quizzes to determine follow-up assignments. For example, tonight's assignment is to look up the questions you got wrong on today's quiz. d) Give cumulative end of chapter assignments that focus on the key information that you want the student to remember for the long-term (not just to be sure they studied).
  3. Take Note: All students, even those with strong memory, will benefit from more repetition. For students with stronger memory encourage them to go deeper in drawing connections and relating the new information to prior learning.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Research on distributed practice shows that the more frequently one is exposed to the information, the more likely it will embed in long-term memory. Without the benefit of in-class discussion, it can be more challenging for teachers to determine what students understood and retained. And some students will find it easier to "tune out" during remote learning. Building in repetition by requiring students to actively recall information will highlight what students missed and where they need more repetition.