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Keep a Personal Journal to Manage Feelings


Social-Emotional Learning ^Extra-curricular/At-Home All Ages Strategy


Anxiety Self-regulation

Keep a Personal Journal to Manage Feelings

If your child is struggling with social or emotional issues and enjoys writing

How To Apply It!

  1. Daily journals can be a great place for students to practice writing and reading and express feelings. Journals give children a way to vent safely or to express their feelings.
  2. Promise not to read the journal without permission unless safety is an issue.
  3. Encourage children to use pictures as well as words.
  4. There are electronic options which some children may enjoy and are helpful for children with writing challenges.
  5. As students become comfortable expressing their ideas, they are likely to be interested in reading the works of others.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Children who are anxious can vent their feelings safely in a journal. While some might begin with mostly pictures, the words will come when they build confidence and believe they will not be judged. There are also plenty of good electronic journal options for children with weaker graphomotor skills that offer motivating features (import photo, change font, color, etc.).