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Provide Student Checklists


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Provide Student Checklists

If your student makes scattered errors or has difficulty following through on directions

Instruction And Practice

  1. Objective: Students will use checklists of key tasks when they check their work on assignments or tests to catch errors.
  2. Provide checklists for students to check work in each subject. Some basic elements will be consistent across subjects: carefully read instructions; your name, date and class are on the paper; every question is answered; hand-written work is legible with stray marks erased.
  3. Print copies for students to use at home. Have students check off each item as it is completed to ensure they do not skip a step.
  4. Examples: a) A homework checklist might include get materials, find a quiet space, and remember to submit the assignment. b) A language arts checklist might include capitalization, punctuation and transition words. c) A math checklist might include circling the final answer, checking with the substitution method, and double-checking that every answer is logical.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Everyone makes mistakes or can forget simple details. Using checklists to review work simply reminds you what to do. Checklists can be especially helpful when you are anxious or if you have weaker working memory, attention or organization.