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Self-Correct Writing by Speaking It


ELA: Writing All Ages Strategy


Flexible Thinking Attention Verbal Reasoning

Self-Correct Writing by Speaking It

If your student misses edits on their written work or wants to improve the overall quality of their writing

Teach It!

  1. Objective: When editing and revising written work, students will read their writing out loud to more effectively hear and catch errors and areas for improvement.
  2. Instruction and Practice: Guide students how to read their work aloud to themselves as an effective tool for editing and improving their written work. First, model the process using your own example, including stopping to consider grammar and punctuation errors, as well as re-reading to hear where you might use more concise language. Review the student guide (next slide) and have students practice themselves in a space where they can hear themselves but have privacy from others. They might have to whisper or spread out across the room.

*students* Read Aloud To Edit Writing

  1. Print your writing if you typed it. It is always better to proofread on paper rather than on screen.
  2. Read your draft out loud to hear if the language sounds natural and clear.
  3. As you read, listen to be sure your natural pauses are reflected with commas, and your natural stops are reflected with periods.
  4. If you stumble over reading a word, consider if you misspelled it.
  5. If the meaning does not flow while reading, consider if you need to add transition words, another sentence, new ideas, different adjectives, etc. Consider what you might take out if it sounds too wordy.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Writing is one of the hardest things that our brains do, calling on many different skills in the areas of language, organization, depth of focus, and production. When students learn to effectively edit their own writing, they tend to be less self-conscious about their work. By reading their own written work aloud, a self-corrective system begins to click into place as they not only see their writing but hear it as well.