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Help Students Stay Active in Class Discussion


^21st Century Skills Middle/High School Strategy


Listening Comprehension Attention

Help Students Stay Active in Class Discussion

If your student has inconsistent focus during lectures or discussion-based classes

Teach It!

  1. Objective: Students will actively ask questions during class to help themselves maintain focus and stay involved in the discussion.
  2. Teacher Takeaways: When class content is lecture- or discussion-based, help students who tend to lose focus or drift off stay actively engaged by encouraging them to participate and ask questions. a) Have the student prepare a few questions during homework the night before to ask during a class discussion. b) Help the student set a participation goal, such as commenting or asking a question twice per class. c) Provide the student with feedback and reinforcement for participating or reaching their goal.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

If students are not just listening but proactively thinking they will be more engaged, learn more deeply, and be less likely to have a wandering mind. In addition, if they ask thoughtful questions they will get positive feedback which will reinforce this proactive involvement.