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Encourage Varied Sources


Social Studies ELA: Reading All Ages Strategy


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Encourage Varied Sources

If your students need exposure to a broad range of topics and would be engaged in current events

Instruction And Practice

  1. Objective: Offering newspapers or magazines as motivating and relevant reading choices will support development of reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge.
  2. Depending on the student's age and reading level, have the student choose and read a short article of interest, independently or together with you. a) Discuss the article with the student to ensure understanding. Discussing current events can pique students' interests and encourage them to read more. b) Have magazines and newspapers to choose from readily available in the classroom and at home.
  3. Teacher Notes: There are plenty of news options geared especially for children, though teachers and parents may still need to carefully screen information for sensitive students. Some news options designed especially for kids can be found here.

Why It Works (the Science Of Learning)!

Newspaper or magazine articles offer shorter texts and content that can be relevant for the student. These factors increase interest and engagement for students to gain important reading practice. The corresponding pictures also help, especially on news sites geared specifically for students.