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If your student is having trouble remembering key details and enjoys storytelling and/or has stronger visual-spatial skills Teach It! 1) Objective: Students will use the method of loci to help them memorize difficult or large quantities of information and/or... View More


Study Skills & Tools All Ages Strategy


Verbal Memory Visual Memory

If your student struggles with anxiety or emotions How to Apply It! 1) Yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly popular for students in the classroom and after school as a way to reduce anxiety, improve attention and listening, and manage emotions. 1)... View More


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy


Anxiety Self-regulation Attention

If your student struggles with executive functions and you can commit to 2-3 months of almost daily training How to Apply It! 1) In the last two decades there has been some evidence that executive functions and other cognitive skills might be improved thro... View More


^Extra-curricular/At-Home All Ages Strategy


Flexible Thinking Self-regulation Working Memory Attention

All students, particularly those who are struggling academically or social-emotionally Get Started! 1)Objective: Mindprint is an effective tool for educators and parents to quickly and effectively understand individual student learning needs. Mindprint is va... View More


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy