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If your student is struggling with reading fluency, particularly if they have good memory skills How to Apply It! 1) Elementary students can improve fluency by developing automaticity with key sight words that could otherwise interfere with their sounding ... View More


ELA: Reading Elementary School Strategy


Auditory Processing Working Memory Verbal Memory Processing Speed Visual Memory

If your student has weaker reading skills but you still want them to complete the same assignments as their classmates How to Apply It! 1) Allow students to use an E-book and listen to the assignment rather than read independently. 2) When you use e-book... View More


ELA: ^Other ELA: Reading Study Skills & Tools All Ages Strategy


Verbal Reasoning Processing Speed

If your middle or high school student often skips challenging words when reading Teach It! 1) Objective: Students will use specific decoding strategies and context clues when they encounter an unfamiliar word in reading. 2) Direct Instruction: Provide strug... View More


ELA: Reading MS/HS/College Strategy


Verbal Reasoning Verbal Memory