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If your student is motivated to grow and improve How to Apply It! 1) The best way to improve is to start with an understanding of what you can do better and why. Guessing or assuming might not get you the results you hope for. 2) Teachers usually love when... View More


Social-Emotional Learning ^Extra-curricular/At-Home Middle/High School Strategy


Flexible Thinking

If your student doesn't always respond well or use feedback How to Apply It! 1) Provide feedback that takes into account the student's personal skills and their mastery level in the subject. 1) Students who have attained a level of mastery and are confident... View More


^21st Century Skills Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy

Mindfulness is an alternative to yoga and meditation which focuses on helping students be more aware and respectful of their feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors with the objective of managing emotions and self-regulating behavior. How to Apply It! 1) ... View More


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy


Anxiety Flexible Thinking Self-regulation Attention