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Chunk Content Delivery


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Chunk Content Delivery

A best practice strategy, but especially if your student struggles with attention and working memory

Use It In Your Instructional Practice

  1. Objective: Present learning content in small, manageable chunks so students can understand and retain more easily without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Break up content presentation into small, logical, and manageable pieces. When relevant, present pieces in a 1, 2, 3 point format to add more structure for students.
  3. Build in stopping points to include a pause for questions, pair & share with prompts, or an activity that promotes inquiry, deeper thinking, review and repetition of the concept. Also build in time for stretching or exercise breaks to optimize focus.
  4. If breaking up the material is not intuitive, think of starting with the big picture and drilling down to the details, or structuring your lesson into hook-overview-body-summary or beginning-middle-end.

Understand Why It Is Important

  1. Students can only hang on to three to seven distinct bits of information at once and if they are nervous, they can hold on to less. Chunking up delivery of content, instead of front-loading all the material and saving an activity for the end, will allow students not only to take in the information in more manageable pieces but also opportunity for repeat exposure and reinforcement.
  2. This strategy is best practice for introducing new, complex information, but it is especially important to help decrease demands on processing and working memory and reducing anxiety.