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Stronger Flexible Thinking (Bb)


^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


Flexible Thinking

Stronger Flexible Thinking (Bb)

If your student has strong flexible thinking and you want to nurture self-awareness for creativity and problem solving

What It Is

Nurturing your strong flexible thinking can help you effectively solve problems and find creative solutions. Your flexible thinking refers to how well you can adjust and change your approach to solving problems in school and social situations.

When It Matters

This skill comes into play when you need to identify a different approach to a challenging problem, handle unexpected circumstances, adapt to a difficult situation, come up with an original solution, or view a situation from another perspective. Students with strong flexible thinking tend to be more curious and open to learning new things which often leads to them learning and understanding more and exhibiting higher levels of creativity.

Making Best Use Of Your Strong Flexible Thinking

  1. When faced with a new or challenging problem, have confidence that you can find a way. Take a pause and use your strength.
  2. If the teacher is asking for a new approach or an answer don't be shy. This is where you excel.
  3. Navigate social conflicts. When you encounter a new or uncomfortable situation or notice conflicting points of view, take a step back and figure out what you can be done to reach a successful resolution.
  4. Develop good judgment. As you get older, you will have more options in all areas of your life. While others might jump to a decision, use your strength to carefully weigh your options and make good choices. It might keep you, and your friends, out of trouble.
  5. Group projects offer opportunities for creative thinking and problem solving. Learn how to use your strength in group projects.