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Stronger Verbal Reasoning (Bb)


Social-Emotional Learning ^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


Verbal Reasoning

Stronger Verbal Reasoning (Bb)

If verbal reasoning is your strongest complex reasoning skill

What It Is

Stronger verbal reasoning can enable your success across all school subjects. Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and make connections from what you read and hear. Listening in class discussion, reading a textbook and solving a math word problem all depend on verbal reasoning.

Using Your Stronger Verbal Reasoning

  1. If you are unsure of how to solve a math problem, interpret a graph or chart, or interpret a graphic, describe it in your own words. Saying it out loud and hearing it will help you make sense of it more easily.
  2. With math and science problems, also try marking up the problem to help you break it down.
  3. Draw pictures and write neatly. Use graph paper to help you draw to scale and keep numbers aligned. This can solidify your understanding and avoid calculation errors.
  4. Pause to review the pictures and graphics when you read but be sure to read the captions carefully. They will help you understand why the image is included and the most important takeaway.
  5. You might prefer subjects like English, social science, humanities and languages, but recognize that your verbal reasoning will enable you to be successful in your STEM classes too. Continue to grow by reading and learning across topics.
  6. Use your stronger verbal reasoning to be an active participant and leader in group work and projects.