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Use Your Strong Abstract Reasoning


Social-Emotional Learning/Growth Mindset 21st Century Skills Universal Design for Learning All Ages Strategy


Abstract Reasoning

Use Your Strong Abstract Reasoning

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.
— Bill Gates

Your strong abstract reasoning can help you tackle complex problems involving images, words, or numbers, especially in subjects like math and science.

What It Is

Your abstract reasoning refers to how you draw inferences from objects, images, space or numbers when you aren't given a concrete explanation or can't see it firsthand.

When It Matters

This skill comes into play when solving logic puzzles, solving math or science problems and recognizing patterns with shapes or numbers.

Making Best Use Of Your Strong Abstract Reasoning

  1. If you have trouble understanding what you read, visualize the problem or draw a picture. Using a visual approach can help you make sense of dense reading material.
  2. Memorize new information more easily by drawing connections to what you already know well.
  3. Nurture your strength by doing more STEM activities or taking classes such as robotics, architecture, or chess club.
  4. Challenge yourself with math and logic puzzles and games.
  5. Be a team player and help your classmates during group work.