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Stronger Visual Reasoning (Bb)


Social-Emotional Learning ^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


Abstract Reasoning

Stronger Visual Reasoning (Bb)

When your visual (abstract) reasoning is your strongest complex reasoning skill

What It Is

Your stronger visual reasoning can help you tackle complex problems involving images, words, or numbers, especially in subjects like math and science. Also called abstract reasoning, your visual reasoning enables you to draw inferences when reading and to make connections or figure things out even if you aren't given a concrete explanation or can't see it firsthand.

Using Your Stronger Abstract Reasoning

  1. If you have trouble understanding what you read, visualize or picture it in your head, or draw a picture when solving a word problem. Using a visual approach can help you make sense of complex material.
  2. If you have difficulty remembering facts, definitions, or formulas, make connections to what you already know. It might be more effective for you than just memorizing.
  3. If you solve in your head and aren't getting the correct answer, write it out. Sometimes using graph paper to draw to scale or keep numbers aligned will help you find your mistakes.
  4. Consider trying more STEM activities that you might be naturally good at such as computer science, robotics, or chess.
  5. You might find your abstract reasoning is very helpful in group and project work. Try these strategies when you are working in a group or doing a project.