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Stronger Spatial Reasoning (Bb)


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy


Spatial Perception

Stronger Spatial Reasoning (Bb)

If your spatial reasoning (spatial perception) is your strongest reasoning skill

What It Is

Your stronger spatial skills can help you excel in math and science, hands-on projects and other visual-spatial activities. Your spatial perception refers to how well you understand visual materials and their position in space even if you can't see it first-hand. You might find that your strengths are in geometry, geography/map skills, interpreting graphs and charts, and hands-on activities.

Using Your Stronger Spatial Perception

  1. If you have trouble understanding what you read, visualize or picture the story or information in your head.
  2. Draw a picture when solving word problems.
  3. Use visual timelines and graph organizers to help you organize your thoughts, make connections and help remember more easily.
  4. Always use the option for 3-D models when they're available. You might prefer to use 3-D math apps, base ten blocks or ball-and-stick models in chemistry.
  5. Consider learning visual note taking. You might find it fun and very effective.
  6. Try activities that will enable you to use your spatial skills, such as architecture, robotics, computer design, visual arts and most ball sports.
  7. Use your strong spatial perception in group and project work.