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Understand Your Speed (Aa)


Study Skills & Tools Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy


Processing Speed

Understand Your Speed (Aa)

What It Is

If you have slower processing speed you might understand the information just as well if not better than your classmates, but you need more time. Don't rush through the work. Instead, be aware of when you need more time, and know when to ask for help in the classroom.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Am I focused on my own work and asking for help when I need it? (Try not to think about where your peers are. Everyone works at a different pace.)
  2. Will the teacher give me the notes or let me share with a classmate so I can really focus on the discussion? (Ask your teacher.)
  3. What do I need to complete in class? What can I do at home or later? (Make a list with 2 columns.)
  4. On a test or timed assignment, which questions can I do most quickly? Can I do those first? Which questions should I do last in case I run out of time? (Clearly mark questions you will re-visit.)
  5. If given options on assignments, should I take the one I can finish more easily? When choosing a project, can I choose one that emphasizes quality over quantity? (Discuss with your teacher if you're not sure.)
  6. When choosing a book, can I pick a shorter one of equal quality?
  7. Is there a seat I can choose that will enable me to focus most easily?
  8. In group work, should I avoid taking a job that is time-sensitive? Am I picking a partner with a compatible work style?

Questions To Ask Yourself While Doing Homework

  1. What must I finish tonight? What can wait? (Color code these in your assignment notebook.)
  2. Am I taking more time than I should? Is it time to move on even if I haven't finished? Will a timer help?
  3. What should I do first so I know I can focus? (Make a schedule before starting your homework.)
  4. How can I do this faster? Type or write? Paper or on-screen? Calculator or mental math?
  5. How should I best prepare for the test? Practice problems in a timed format? Prepare my sheet if it's open note?
  6. How can I prepare for class (even if not required)? Be ready to answer specific questions? Have pre-prepared questions? Set-up a note-taking template?