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Understand Your Attention (Aa)


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Understand Your Attention (Aa)

What It Is

Everyone has difficulty with attention at times, especially when asked to focus on a topic that is not interesting or if you are tired, but it is important to understand when it is hardest for you to focus and figure out how best to handle those situations.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Where can I sit in the room so I am less distracted? Away from the window? Closer to the front?
  2. Are there classmates who tend to distract me, even if they are my friends? Can I avoid sitting next to them? (A teacher can help you and make it easier if moving away from friends is uncomfortable.)
  3. Can I keep a squeeze ball for when I start to get distracted or fidgety?
  4. Is there an appropriate time to get up and take a stretch or get a drink to restore my focus?
  5. Am I distracting my classmates?
  6. When given the choice, can I select a project that allows me to use my hands or move around rather than one that requires a lot of sitting in one place?
  7. Did I write down the assignment details to make sure I don't forget when I go home? Am I sure that I understood the directions? Do I need to stop in and see the teacher?
  8. Did I take everything I need at the end of class? At the end of the school day?
  9. If working in a group, how can I best contribute? Am I getting distracted? What can I do differently?

Questions To Ask Yourself During Homework

  1. Before I get started, do I have everything I need so I don't need to get up until my break?
  2. What subject should I do first every night because it is hard for me to finish when I'm tired? What do I absolutely need to finish tonight?
  3. Before I start work, am I sure that I read the directions and understand what I need to do?
  4. Am I working in a place where I am least likely to be distracted, away from siblings, away from the TV, my phone turned off, etc.?
  5. Am I taking short breaks every 20-30 minutes to stretch or get a glass of water? Do I need to use a timer to remind me?
  6. Am I taking more time than I should on an assignment? Do I need to take a break or come back to it later?
  7. Did I check my assignment book to be sure I finished everything I needed to do?
  8. After I finished my assignment did I put it in my backpack so I will have it tomorrow when I need it?
  9. Am I getting enough sleep? I focus better after a good night sleep.