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Understand Your Short-Term (Working) Memory (Aa)


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy


Working Memory

Understand Your Short-Term (Working) Memory (Aa)

What It Is

Your working memory holds multiple bits of information in your head for a short time so you can use them to solve problems and handle multi-step tasks. If you have difficulty with working memory, keep in mind that you often have the knowledge and understanding, it's just not always on the tip of your tongue when you need it.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Can I use a page of notes or a reference card with keywords, formulas or facts while I am completing an assignment or taking a test? If it helps me, I should use it if I'm allowed.
  2. Am I using scrap paper to jot down process steps or notes while preparing to answer a question or solving problems in class? Jotting my own ideas down helps me think clearly.
  3. Did I ask my teacher or classmate for a copy of class notes if I think I missed anything important?
  4. Am I working neatly and showing all my steps so that I can easily check my work?
  5. Am I certain I understand all the directions? Do I need a written version of the directions?
  6. Did I add my homework assignment to my agenda?

Questions To Ask Yourself While Doing Homework

  1. Am I using checklists so I remember everything I need to do?
  2. Before I get started, do I have everything I need, including reference books and a calculator?
  3. Am I writing down the steps as I work, so I can go back and catch potential mistakes?
  4. For a writing assignment, have I gotten down all my ideas first so I don't forget them?
  5. Did I pack up and have everything I need for tomorrow's classes?