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Understand Your Verbal Memory (Aa)


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Verbal Memory

Understand Your Verbal Memory (Aa)

If your student has difficulty remembering language-based information such as vocabulary, spelling or facts

What It Is

You use your verbal memory to remember what you read and what you hear. Finding ways to help you memorize more easily will save you time in studying.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Should I be writing this down so I remember what was said later on? Can I ask the teacher or a friend for a copy of class notes to be sure I didn't miss anything important?
  2. Did I draw pictures in my notes? (It will likely be easier to remember if you have a little sketch in your notes. Keep it simple and don't worry about what the drawing looks like. It is just there to help you.)
  3. Did I write down all my assignments in my planner? Are there any other "to-do's" for tonight I should write down?

Questions To Ask Yourself While Studying

  1. When studying can I use images or pictures to help me remember more easily?
  2. When reading, did I stop and make a mental picture in my head so I won't forget any important details?
  3. When reading the textbook, did I review the pictures or diagrams which will help me remember key information?
  4. Can I break up my list of items to memorize so it's easier? What information do I NOT need to memorize?
  5. What memorization strategies can I use to make this easier? Make a rhyme? Funny picture? Mnemonic? Say it aloud? Write it? Make a connection to something I'm sure I will remember?
  6. Have I made a schedule to space out my studying? (Cramming is not a good way to help you remember!)