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Understand Your Visual Memory (Aa)


Social-Emotional Learning Study Skills & Tools All Ages Strategy


Visual Memory

Understand Your Visual Memory (Aa)

If your student has difficulty remembering images, pictures, diagrams, or formulas

What It Is

You use your visual memory to remember patterns, specific colors, diagrams or graphs. Finding ways to help yourself memorize images, pictures and other visual information can help you study more efficiently.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Can I ask the teacher or friends for a copy of the chart or diagram used during the lesson?
  2. Can I describe the picture in words? What colors, or patterns do I see? Can I write down my description so I'm more likely to remember it?
  3. What are the key takeaways in the picture? Can I remember these main points instead of the picture itself?

Questions To Ask Yourself When Studying

  1. What is the main idea in this picture that I must absolutely remember? What are three or four supporting details that will be good to remember? (If you break it up this way, you are more likely to remember it.)
  2. Can I label the diagram so I remember the key characteristics?
  3. Have I read all picture captions in the textbook? Do I understand the key takeaways from each picture?
  4. What does this picture remind me of? Will that help me remember?
  5. Have I made a schedule to space out my studying? (Remember, cramming is not a good way to help you remember!)