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Understand Your Visual Reasoning (Aa)


Social-Emotional Learning ^21st Century Skills All Ages Strategy


Abstract Reasoning

Understand Your Visual Reasoning (Aa)

If your student struggles with new concepts, particularly in math and science, and their verbal skills are stronger

What It Is

You use abstract reasoning when you make educated guesses, analyze information and problem solve, especially in more visual subjects like math and science.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Am I asking questions as they come up, or writing down my questions to ask the teacher later?
  2. Can I ask my teacher to show another example?
  3. Am I thinking about how this new information relates to concepts I already know? What does this remind me of?
  4. Can I explain it in my own words? If I can't, am I sure I understand?
  5. Can I sketch a picture to either help me visualize the problem?

Questions To Ask Yourself During Homework

  1. Did I draw a picture to help me solve this word problem?
  2. If I'm not sure what to do, can I start by listing things I know and see if it helps?
  3. Can I talk through the steps of this problem? Should I describe my thinking to a parent or friend?
  4. Can I try a different way to solve this problem if the first way isn't working?
  5. Can I estimate the answer to see if my solution makes sense?
  6. Are there physical objects I can use to help me actually "see" the concept?
  7. Have I reviewed my class notes from today? Did I make a list of questions to ask my teacher tomorrow?