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Understand Your Verbal Reasoning (Aa)


Social-Emotional Learning All Ages Strategy


Verbal Reasoning

Understand Your Verbal Reasoning (Aa)

If your student struggles to understand what he reads or follow class discussions

What It Is

You use verbal reasoning to understand and make connections when you listen, read, speak and write. If you have difficulty with verbal reasoning, you might have a harder time following class discussions or understanding what you read.

Questions To Ask Yourself In The Classroom

  1. Am I asking questions if I don't understand? If there isn't time, am I writing down my questions so I can ask later?
  2. Can I ask the teacher to share another example to help my understanding?
  3. Could I say this again in my own words if asked? That's how I know if I really understand.
  4. Am I thinking about how this new information relates to concepts I already know? Does this remind me of something I have read before, or perhaps a character or theme we studied another time?
  5. Do I understand all the steps of this assignment?
  6. Can I ask for a copy of the class notes to make sure I understood everything the teacher explained today?
  7. Can I look at or draw a picture to help me understand?

Questions To Ask Yourself During Homework

  1. Have I tried reading the text aloud to help me understand? Should I try reading it to an adult?
  2. Have I considered how this idea relates to what I already know? How are they similar or different?
  3. Can I draw or make a picture in my head of what I am reading or hearing?
  4. Is an audio book an option for this assignment?
  5. Could I re-state this in my own words? That's how I know if I really understand.
  6. Is there additional information I could memorize that would make it easier for me to answer challenging questions?