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Understand Your Spatial Reasoning (Aa)


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Spatial Perception

Understand Your Spatial Reasoning (Aa)

If weaker spatial skills are affecting your student's ability to set up math problems or read efficiently

What It Is

Spatial reasoning or spatial perception refers to how you understand and see objects in space and how they fit together. You might not use spatial skills in every subject, but they are important for parts of math, graphing, geography, and many hands-on projects.

Questions To Ask Yourself With Spatial Tasks

  1. When solving multi-step math problems, can I use graph paper to line up my numbers and keep my work neat?
  2. Will using multi-colored pencils make it easier to keep track of numbers or make drawings easier to read?
  3. Have I covered up other problems or information on the page with another blank piece of paper so I can focus on one thing at a time?
  4. Can I use a ruler or protractor to help me draw straight lines or accurate angles?
  5. Can I describe what I see using words to help my understanding? What is the object next to, on top of, overlapping with, etc.? Should I write my description down so I remember it?
  6. Is there an object I can use that will model what I need to understand? (Sometimes working with a real object can help you visualize and understand better.)
  7. When reading a map, can I think this through step-by-step? Where am I starting? Am I facing the correct direction? Where do I turn first? Next? Can I turn the page a different way to make it easier for me to follow?