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Flexible Thinking and Test Prep (ACT/SAT)


Standardized Test Prep MS/HS/College Strategy


Flexible Thinking Self-regulation

Flexible Thinking and Test Prep (ACT/SAT)

Learn how to quickly identify the best strategy for the specific problem and then adapt if your solution doesn’t match the answer key.

Plan For The Unexpected

  1. Practice strategies to approach unexpected questions. As you go through practice tests, create specific, step-by-step approaches. You might think of a problem you have seen before and consider how it is similar and different. Cross out all answers that cannot possibly be correct. List everything you know that it could be. Every problem will be a bit different but knowing what you can try is critical.
  2. Have a strategy to know when to skip and come back so you do not spend too much time on any one problem. Consider giving yourself a maximum time limit per question before guessing.
  3. Mix up the order of problem types, the difficulty level of problems, and handling curve balls. As you grow more comfortable adjusting to uncertainty, you will become more efficient handling the unexpected challenges you might encounter on test day.
  4. Prepare for all the potential scenarios you might encounter on test day. While these scenarios might be low probability, be mentally prepared for exactly what you will do if an unfortunate situation arises like sitting next to a "cougher" or having a loud room.
  5. If you are still deciding which test, keep in mind that the ACT questions tend to be more straight-forward and predictable which can be more comfortable for students with weaker flexible thinking.