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Understand Your Visual Motor Speed (Aa)


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Fine Motor Skills Visual Motor Speed

Understand Your Visual Motor Speed (Aa)

If slower visual motor speed interferes with your completing assignments or finishing tests

What It Is

Visual motor speed refers to how well you use your eyes, hands and fingers together to complete a task. It is also referred to as reaction time or response time. You use your visual motor speed when you are taking notes in class, typing a paper, or playing sports. If visual motor speed only seems to be a factor on standardized tests, skip to the last slide.

Ask Yourself These Questions To Ensure Speed Is Not Interfering

  1. If I am not being timed, am I working slowly and carefully enough to show my best work? Is my work legible so my teacher can read it?
  2. If I have limited time, am I making the best trade-offs? Should I focus on writing fewer good sentences than writing many rushed ones? Should I focus on getting the first problems correct rather than trying to finish every problem?
  3. Would typing be faster than handwriting?
  4. Did I check my writing for punctuation and neatness? Use this checklist
  5. Did I double check my math work? Did I use graph paper to avoid computation mistakes?

Top Strategies For Standardized Tests

  1. Try to stay aware of your pace so you realize if you are slowing down. Using tools like a visual timer can help.
  2. Practice with the test format so you know what to expect on test day and can experiment with strategies that will be most comfortable.
  3. Use strategies that lessen visual-motor overload for bubble sheets: fold over the test booklet, use a sheet of paper to track your place, and circle your answer in the test booklet and always double check to make sure you are gridding in the correct row.
  4. For online tests, use a pencil or your finger to help you track your place on screen. Always double check when moving from scrap paper to keying in your answer before clicking submit.