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Understand Your Visual Motor Speed


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Fine Motor Skills Visual Motor Speed

Understand Your Visual Motor Speed

The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you didn't write.
— Unknown

What It Is

Visual motor speed refers to how well you use your eyes, hands and fingers together to complete a task. It is also referred to as reaction time or response time. You use your visual motor speed when you are taking notes in class, typing a paper, or playing sports.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. In activities where I am not being timed, am I working slowly and carefully enough to show my best ability? (Don't pay attention to whether your classmates have finished or not. Do your best work.)
  2. Am I making the best choices to produce quality work? (Writing fewer good sentences is often better than writing many rushed ones. )
  3. Would typing notes or assignments be faster than handwriting? Can I record the class lesson or ask the teacher for notes I missed? (Discuss this with your parents and teachers.)
  4. Am I getting practice and asking for help with tasks that might feel hard? (Whether it is writing, keyboarding, playing table hockey, or shooting hoops, avoiding activities is not the answer. Keep practicing!)
  5. Find games that exercise your visual motor speed here.